November – American election selection

The Chocolate ElectionNovember 2016 was all about the US presidential election. It captivated the world and the surprise result once again caught the pollsters napping. Our subscribers enjoyed the coverage with some fine American chocolates in hand.

Manoa chocolates are a special Hawaiian treat. The relaxed culture and commitment to quality come through in both the bar and the packaging. We were honoured be the first to import these beautiful chocolates into Australia. We could only bring in a few and had only one milk bar left for sale at the time of posting.

Askinosie are famous in the bean to bar chocolate world. Part of the reason is due to Shaun’s great story and dedication to giving back to communities but their chocolate is also down right amazing. That such a fantastic product can have such wonderful impacts on farmers and communities is incredible and it is our pleasure at Bean Bar You to support producers like this.

Endorfin foods are the new player & something a little different for you to try. The first un-roasted bar we’ve included, these vegan bars are incredibly interesting. Brian is creating some amazing flavours and we selected bars for our subscribers based on their preferences. We have their entire selection available in the online store if you’d like to try their intruiging flavours, like ginger and rose, or absinthe.

The Australian chocolate of the month is also wonderful. Our subscribers tried 2 bars by Living Koko. Made with the same beans, in the same way, but with different percentages of cacao, this was a wonderful opportunity to get to know how sugar changes the flavour and texture of chocolate – it’s amazing to compare and everyone has a unique perspective. The stories behind Phoebe and Steve are inspirational and it was an honour to support them in their quest to give back to pacific island communities.

Check out our online store if you’d like to try any of these chocolates (although stocks are limited). Better still, subscribe to get guaranteed access to the best bean-to-bar chocolates from around the world, delivered to your mailbox each month!