February boxes – Spice things up

The beautiful mould of the Mirzam chocolate bars.

February saw our lucky subscribers indulge in some special chocolates from Australia, Italy and Dubai!

The Italian brand Amedei is well established as one of the prides of Tuscany. With a wonderful history and numerous global awards – their classic chocolates Black and Brown are a hit. We particularly liked their smooth milk chocolate.

For the first time we featured two Australian chocolate makers – Cailo and Jasper & Myrtle. Both are relativity new on the Australian bean to bar scene. They each have a lovely base chocolate, and also excel at adding unique flavours to really enhance the joy of eating their bars. For example, the Cailo chocolates are made purely with beans from Panama – their flavours Mountain pepper and Ooray are native Australian additions.

We were particularly excited to be the first group outside of the UAE to sell Mirzam bars. They have swept the world’s attention with beautiful spice route flavours, a wave inspired mould and mystical starry packaging. They really are so beautiful to look at, and the flavours just as amazing, evoking imagines of old spice routes. They are in super short supply, we have only one of each bar spare.

After finding two of our subscribers their ‘perfect’ chocolate in January (our ultimate goal) we think we’ve got a good chance of hitting winners this month too. We can’t wait to see our survey responses this month!