March boxes – The art & science of great chocolate

Our bars for March 2017 were an astounding collection from across the globe. We featured the handmade Hawaiian Madre goodness, the powerful punch of Monsieur Truffe, the seduction of Original Beans, and rounded off with the science of Zotter.

We returned from our recent Hawaiian adventure with the gorgeous little bars hand made by Madre. Don’t be fooled by their size, their dedication to the promotion and sustenance of bean to bar chocolate in Hawaii is packed into each bar. The relaxed vibe of the shop and staff ring true to the results – chocolate exhibiting characteristics of a single farm in Kona, while the passion-fruit is a decisive but elegant combination.

Original Beans are made in Switzerland with some of the highest quality cacao beans available. The devotion of the company to support great causes with every bar doubles down on the warmness of the bars. The Femmes De Virunga is a particularly captivating milk chocolate.

Monsieur Truffe are flying the Australian flag proudly. A well established brand, their factory/cafe is a must visit for any chocolate fan passing through Melbourne. The bars are strong yet smooth. A thickness that makes it easy to tease out the evolving flavours within the melting chocolate.

Last off, we challenged our subscribers to enjoy 2 similar Zotter bars side by side. How does chocolate change when made slightly differently – dark/milk subscribers tried chocolates made the same way, but with beans of different origins. Some keen dark scientists tried the same chocolate but conched for either 16 or 20 hours – so similar yet not the same!

We’re excited to hear what our subscribers think of their chocolates this month! In the meantime, we’re gearing up for Easter, so keep an eye out for eggs & bunnies & more, coming your way soon!


Bean to bar chocolates from around the world
Chocolates from Madre, Original Beans and Monsieur Truffe