June boxes – A little bit of everything

We are excited this month to introduce you to 4 chocolate makers from Australia, America, Italy and Columbia. It’s going to be really hard to pick a favourite this month – they really are special bars and we’re honoured to have them in our boxes.

Gabriel chocolate is based just to the North of the gorgeous Margaret river region in South Western Australia. They are a major stop on the tourist route and for good reason – his bars are a fine example of what can be achieved by valuing variety and focusing small. They are hard bars to get a hold of but we finally managed to get them into our June boxes.

The Ruket bars come to us from Northern Italy. Alessandro and Marco throw a huge Italian pile of passion into their chocolate bars and it shows! A simple but elegant mould make these bars a delight to experience but be warned your friends will eat them quickly.

Possibility the only thing stopping you drooling over Ruket bars is the fact you probably ran out of drool after opening your Ritual bar. Everything about these bars makes you feel like you’ve travelled to the fresh mountain air of Park City. From the package to the intricate mould to the smooth but flavoursome  bar. We tried the blended bar in June but we already have more on their way to us!

Last up we featured Cacao Hunters from Columbia. A lot of dedication and soul goes into these tiny bars but you can sense it straight away. The chocolate really does stop you in your tracks. Our subscribers loved the Zotter competitions so we set up another, giving them 2 bars from the cacao hunters range (either from different regions or the same region with milk added). We can’t wait to hear which was their favourite!

We sent this gorgeous box to the winner of our 1000 follower competition. Congratulations Emma!


June has been a big month for us. We ran an Instagram competition celebrating 1000 followers. We’ve finally completed the transition to in-house surveys and are powering up the analytics plans. We’ve also launched a box dedicated to supporting and enjoying the Slow Melt Podcast – what better way to learn about chocolate than to listen to the maker talk you through what you savour bite by bite!