August boxes – It’s our birthday!

It’s our birthday! In August last year we sent out our very first subscriber boxes. We were nervous, but excited to be sharing our love of craft chocolate with others. One year on we still love sharing bean to bar chocolate, and get the same feeling of excitement (and nerves) with each new selection we put together.

To celebrate this milestone we decided on a special selection of chocolates for this month’s box. Marou was one of the chocolate makers featured in our very first subscriber box, and in a stroke of fate they are also currently featured in The Slow Melt podcast. Marou’s Dak Lak bar, with its earthy flavours and hint of spice, was included this month so our subscribers can listen to the corresponding podcast episode to hear more about the maker and the specific bar they are eating.

Every month we include an Australian chocolate maker, and for our birthday box we included one of our favourites. Zokoko, based here in Sydney, make truly delicious chocolate and the Goddess bars are no exception. The Goddess Milk is lusciously creamy, while our dark subscribers got the fresh kick of mint.

To choose the other two chocolates in the box, Chris and Alison each picked one chocolate maker they were most excited to try. Chris chose Beau Cacao, which is beautiful and sophisticated in both looks and flavour. Using cacao from Bornea in Malaysia, Beau Cacao highlights the regional variation that comes with great cacao. With the caramel, coffee and citrus notes of the Asajaya bar and the earthy, smoky notes of the Serian bar there was something for everyone.

Alison chose Solkiki chocolates. This vegan family business is all about making great chocolate in a way that leaves the world a better place. We featured their Maranon bars, which use the world’s rarest cocoa. Alison is particularly fond of their Maranon Mylk – the added caramel and salt highlights the licorice flavours that naturally occur in the cacao. We also gave subscribers the dark Maranon or the toasted coconut white chocolate, which was a special treat for our vegan subscribers.

Thanks to everyone for their support this year. We have had a fabulous first 12 months, and can’t wait to see what the next year holds!

It’s our Birthday!! We are celebrating this month with a special selection – feedback like this makes us feel very happy ❤❤❤#Repost @makiragold (Brian runs a #socialenterprise importing #solomonislands #cacao – get to Brisbane & try his homemade #beantobar chocolate) ・・・ @beanbaryou what an awesome selection of amazing craft chocolate this month! Including @zokoko_chocolate @solkiki_chocolatemaker @marouchocolate Aussie people if you want a great monthly selection of craft chocolate from here and around the world, then get yourselves a subscription to beanbaryou! No more Cadbury/Nestle/cheap, low quality chocolate… Buy bean to bar craft chocolate (which also supports fairer prices for cacao farmers)

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