Valentines Day 2020

What a crazy start to the year and decade! In times like this we like to take deep breath and focus on the ones we love. Bringing someone great chocolate is a sure way to tell them you care.

At Bean Bar You, we took a summer holiday this year due to the heat. The logistics involved in shipping small boxes of chocolate around our hot country aren’t very friendly in summer – emotionally, financially and environmentally – it just doesn’t work out. We’re restocking and planning another amazing year of chocolate for 2020. In the meantime, Australia’s chocolate makers are hard at work creating you some brilliant valentines day gift options:

Metiisto, Toowoomba, QLD

Behold the limited edition strawberry ice cream bar from Metiisto Chocolate. This bar is made with local Queensland strawberries from and a whole vanilla pod ground into their famous white chocolate. Buy it online here.

The Raspberry Ice Cream Metiisto bar

Hunted & Gathered, VIC

If you are down south around Melbourne, get your hands on the Cherry and Almond “Love” bar at Hunted & Gathered.

This bar is made using their 70% Dominican Republic chocolate, biodynamic slow roasted Mildura almonds and chewy organic dried cherry from Tasmania.

Buy it online here. 

Special Gift packs

17 Rocks

The team at 17 Rocks are selling their milk bar in some really funny packaging.

Ratio Cocao Roasters

The gift packs from Ratio have to be the nicest around. If you really want to win some hearts check out their Valentines gift special.

Charley’s Chocolate

If you want “True Australian chocolate” (chocolate that is made from Australian cacao by an australian chocolate maker), Charley’s are selling a few special valentines gift bars.

What else can you buy?

There are the usual extravagant Haigh’s specials (they actually make all their own chocolate but they do so on an industrial scale). You can always visit your local chocolate maker and just enjoy some great “Australian chocolate” – find your closest chocolate maker here. We’ll be resuming our usual service at the end of the month and look forward to serving you in 2020.