2020 04 – What a weird world

Well we really can’t believe how quickly the world we know and loved has been tipped on it’s head. We have been staying at home except for trips to the post office to share wonderful bars of chocolate with everyone!

In April, Bean Bar You subscribers savoured some fabulous flavoured bars from around the world. We tried bars from Pascati (India), Gaston (Vanuatu), Wellington Chocolate Factory (New Zealand) and Sydney’s newest chocolate maker, South Pacific Cacao (Haberfield).

As well as the world famous ANZAC bar (aka “the great war bar”) we tied mango, raspberry and hibiscus, raspberry milk, candied orange peel, caramelised nangae nuts, caramelised peanut milk and a vegan coconut milk chocolate. Way more flavours that we normal have but we thought it would help cheer everyone up whilst we’re all stuck at home.

Happy Easter everyone!