17OCT2021 – Live chocolate tasting with Jessica Tivendale & Elise Pulbrook

We are excited to be helping facilitate a live chocolate tasting with one of Australia’s most prolific Instagram “chocolate tasters” and MasterChef 2021 semi-finalist Elise Pulbrook! What better way to spend your Sunday afternoon that hanging out tasting some chocolate. We plan to run these events monthly until the end of 2021 so if you would like to taste with us next monthly make sure to send us a message and we’ll send you the bars.

Who is tasting chocolate?

Jessica Tivendale is one of Australia’s top Chocolate reviewers. She has completed the Level 2 Bean to Bar/Craft Chocolate course at the International Institute of Cacao and Chocolate Tasting, and The Next Batch Chocolate School. Jessica reviews bean to bar / craft chocolates from around the world on Instagram. As part of this she regularly engages in “chocolate swaps” with people all over the world and she’s is quickly catching up to us in terms of the number of craft chocolate bars tasted! She also has a long history in creative arts and experiential learning, as an performing artist and occupational therapist!

Elise Pulbrook is not only a semi-finalist in the 2021 MasterChef show but has had a long passion for food system research and the study of food law. A lawyer by training but she’s a food nerd through and through. Her dissertation for her Juris Doctor degree was about ethics and traceability in food. She’s also written about the economics of fair trade chocolate!

Learn more about the bars

Watch the reply of the tasting

Want to join in next time?

Send us a message if you’d like to join in the chocolate tasting and we’ll send you a link to order the bars in advance.