2022 06 – Jessica’s Journey

We’re excited to share our first every ‘guest curated’ subscription box. We decided to test this concept with one of our long time customers, now friend, Jessica Tivendale. After she discovered Bean To Bar chocolate she, of course, stumbled upon Bean Bar You (as have you 😊). She was hooked – now she swaps chocolate bars with dedicated fans across the globe, has taken multiple chocolate tasting courses and recently joined the team of people judging chocolate awards. You can follow her tasting journey on Instagram.

Bars selected by Jessica Tivendale for our first ever guest curated subscription box

Jessica first discovered bean to bar chocolate via the Utah Chocolate Society where she first heard Brian talking with DeAnn of Solstice chocolate who describe the Wasatch dark blend bar and the Dark Milk with nibs. She couldn’t believe the words used to describe the chocolate. “I needed to know more, which unlatched the door of my chocolate journey. It was many years (and many tastes of bean to bar chocolate), before I tasted Solstice chocolate.” We’re tasting both these bar this month – the batch of Dark milk with nibs was made especially for our boxes!

Those of you with us for many years will remember Letterpress chocolate. It’s been one of the Bean Bar You highlights and this box was a great excuse to have them down under again. “I had always thought chocolate come in rectangle rows. Then entered
LetterPress and wow! Please pause a moment and admire what can only be described as a stunning and detailed mould. Does it remind you of a stamp to send a letter or a postcard to share a story or your travels. I hope you travel with the flavours that David brings out in the cacao he crafted these chocolates with.”
Jessica really wanted to share his special edition bars but we couldn’t afford to get enough of them over here. The fall back options are 110% amazing – The Costa Rica, Hacienda Azul & Ecuador, Costa Esmeraldas.

Those two sets of bars are hard to compete with but here come two amazing humans… Bob and Iris – the Solkiki Chocolatemakers! “Solkiki are a very special bean to bar company for me; they were the first company I discovered that experimented with different milks, cacao butter percentages and inclusions I’d never heard of.” A completely vegan operation – these guys make more different bars in their permanent collection then nearly anyone else in the world (*we lost count so can’t confirm but only Zotter comes to mind). We’re tasting the Milkless mlik (made with Soy – it’s amazing!), Gran Palo Blanco Dark/Milk 65% (wow), Salazar’s Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador 70% (double wow) & their 33% Tahiti Nougat Salty Peanut White bar (it is unlike any white chocolate we’ve ever tasted – a peanut butter heaven).

We round out this incredible collection with Monsieur Truffe. “I wanted to share Monsieur Truffe with you as they were the first Melbourne based bean to bar chocolate maker I discovered.” We couldn’t hold back Jessica’s enthusiasm so we have another 4 bars to add to this collection. Their Dark 68% Ecuador, Vegan Milk 55% Ecuador and two of their special edition bars the Vegan Milk 53% Outback Chai and Dark 68% Australian Natives!

Well, there we go! One of the best collection of bars we’ve ever sent. They cost us way more than we can afford but we knew this would be special and it really was a lot of fun. We’re so glad you’ve been able to share Jessica’s Journey with us.

Stay tuned for our 6th birthday celebration box. This is going to be hard to beat but we’ll do our best! 😉🍫💖

Here are the bars we still have leftover…