2022 11 – One of 400 combinations

One of the things we love is trying to find our subscribers the best possible combination of bars from the four chocolate makers we feature each month. When Chris is well behaved, we have just a few bars from each maker each month (a dark and, if possible, a milk bar). In moments of weakness he get’s carried away and orders many (and this month, a whole collection)!

In November 2022 we had 4 bars from Charley’s Chocolate (Queensland), two from Chequessett Chocolate (MA, USA), 5 from Ritual Chocolate (UT, USA) and a whopping 10 from Heinde & Verre (Netherlands). We built the boxes from a crazy 400 possible combinations for the mixed subscribers (24 dark / 70 milk variations). We ended up with 16 main boxes + a pile of special selections / exceptions.

We were delighted to welcome Chequessett Chocolate from Cape Cod (MA, USA) to the Bean Bar You collection. We featured their 45% Mass Bay Milk and 72% Santa María Cahabón bars. Both exceptional and featuring knots inspired by the sailing on their doorstep.

We had been working for over a year to get Ritual Chocolate back to Australia. The summer, transport and currency logistics kept interfering but we finally got it happening and were delighted to have 5 wonderful bars from Salt Lake City to share with everyone.

It was about time to try Australia’s Charley’s Chocolate again – this month we featured their bar made with the Award Winning beans they get from close friends up in Shannonvale (just up the road ~200km).

Finally, and cause of the combination blow out, the 10 bars from Heinde & Verre. Their current full collection (though there are new bars on the way soon). We loved all the bars we shared with everyone in 2021 so couldn’t resist getting the rest down here to share with everyone. From their soon to be extinct Brazil bars to their special Piura Peru dark, new Piura Milk, white chocolate, Bali trio, delicious Dutch blends and dedicated Vegan milk bars. It was hard to choose the best bar to send everyone but we knew it was hard to go wrong.

Another amazing month of craft chocolate!