If it gets damaged we will replace it or send you a refund. Just send us a photo of the bar.

We are experts in sending small chocolate parcels around Australia

We’ve sent thousands of boxes all across the country and encountered every weather scenario imaginable. We go to great lengths to make sure your chocolate will be delivered in great condition.

Why do we care? Chocolate is precious. If it gets above it’s tempering threshold it can loose it’s crystal structure which affects it’s texture, appearance and can make it melt. The key temperature differs for each cacao / recipe but is usually around 28’c.

We guarantee chocolate arrives in great condition

Even if you live in the most remote part of Australia… If the postman can deliver to you we’ll get you chocolate. If it gets damaged along the way we’ll replace it or provide you a full refund.

Back in 2016 we sent a box to a Sydney address about 30km away. Four gorgeous bars ended up in one pool inside the box. It was wasn’t a hot day but the address was at the end of the postal run so it spent the whole day on the floor of the van. The next day we hand-delivered a replacement box. From then on we sent their boxes with extra insulation and we’ve never had another problem sending to that address.

We are really good at working around the weather

We may have to hold your parcel for a few days to dodge heatwaves at your place and/or ours but we will find a safe window. If we can’t find something in time we will ship your parcel with as much insulation and ice as we think is needed to get it to your door.

We’ve become really good at watching the weather. Leveraging our analysis backgrounds we have complex programs to predict the optimal day to ship your parcel. If you need your parcel by a particular date please let us know and we’ll factor that in.

We only send Chocolate Express Post

The majority of our deliveries are made to addresses within the Australia Post express post network. Nearly all of them arrive the next day (even during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, our next day-delivery rate in those areas was great). Outside of the network we still use Express Post because it guarantees the fastest possible delivery time.

Bonus chocolate

On the odd occasion we receive chocolate from suppliers in damaged condition. Instead of discarding or saving it all for ourselves we share it with our subscription customers – our delivery guarantee doesn’t apply to these bars. Bloomed chocolate makes for great “hot chocolate” – it is simple to melt with some hot water and/or milk, mix and enjoy!