It’s never too late to give someone a gift that will change their life.

  • Do you believe that a special treat should taste like nothing you’ve ever imagined?
  • Do you believe that what we eat and how we get it should make a positive impact on the world rather than take advantage of people along the way?

Craft chocolate is the ethical chocolate of the world and the best bit about it is the mind bending flavour explosions.

However, be warned, your lucky friend will love this gift but won’t be happy about the fact that whatever chocolate they used to eat isn’t very appealing anymore.

Gift vouchers = choose their own adventure

  • Our new gift voucher option can be ordered for however much you’d like to gift.
  • The voucher can be emailed directly to your special person.
  • They can use it however they like (single bars, gift boxes, subscriptions, tasting sessions).

Subscriptions are the ultimate gift

  • A gift subscription will keep reminding your special person how amazing you are month after month.
  • We can set it to end after a particular number of boxes if you like, just let us know in the order form.
  • Note first 2024 boxes will ship in the first week of March (the first payment will process on the 20th Feb for that box).
  • If you’d prefer to pay in advance just send us a message and we’ll set it up for you.