Every month we feature 4 bean to bar chocolate producers – 1 from Australia and 3 from across the globe. They are all unique and have wonderful stories about how they came to be. Click on the images below to find out more about some of the producers we have featured.

Another work of BeanToBar art from Mackenzie Rivers!
Raven dark chocolate – made in Scotland, perfect for a cool evening.
Made in WA this dark bar is made with heirloom cacao.

Marou Lam Dong 74%
Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat (Vietnam)
The Chocolate Tree Colombia Huila
Chocolate Tree (Scotland)
Zokoko (Sydney)
Zokoko (Sydney)
The first bean to bar chocolate made in Dubai. Flavours of the spice route.
This bean to bar dark chocolate is made with cacao from Panama.
Bring on bean to bar chocolate!
Award winning bean to bar chocolate made in the UK
Clonakilty chocolate
Clonakiltiy Chocolate (Ireland)
The only bean to bar chocolate grown and made completely in Ghana
An award winning bean to bar chocolate from Los Angeles.
Beautiful bean to bar chocolate made in Mudgee, NSW.
This award winning bean to bar chocolate made in Geelong VIC.
Award winning milk chocolate made in Italy.
Hunted and Gathered (Melbourne)
Hunted and Gathered (Melbourne)
Dick Taylor (United States)
Dick Taylor (United States)
Daintree Estates (Australia)
Daintree Estates (Australia)
Sirene (Canada)
Sirene (Canada)
Wellington Chocolate Factory (New Zealand)
Wellington Chocolate Factory (NZ)
Malagos (Philippines)

To find out more about how these producers make their chocolates see our bean to bar page.