Akesson’s – Bejofo Estate 43%


Akesson’s use beans from their cocoa plantation on the Bejofo to make their own cocoa butter, which they then turn into this first single estate white chocolate. The high cocoa content means it isn’t too sweet, but rather has a classic creaminess.

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Cocoa content: 43%
Origin: Sambirano Valley, Madagascar
Beans: Criollo
Made in: London, UK
Awards: Gold, International Chocolate Awards 2017

Bertil Akesson grew up in Madagascar, and over the years learnt the secrets and subtleties of managing and developing plantations of cocoa and spices. He now has plantations in Madagascar, Indonesia and Brazil, and supplies some of the best chocolatiers & chefs around the world.Having worked with so many passionate chocolate makers, he set out to experience the thrill for himself, and established a small and exclusive line of chocolates & fine foods. His range includes including pepper, salt, vanilla, and nuts - all of which can be found in his unique chocolate bars. See more