Birdsnake – Marshmallow Easter Egg


If you are following Bean Bar You, you would have seen us send you direct to your local chocolate maker to get your stash of Easter chocolate goodies. Nothing beats direct trade whenever possible (also safely shipping Easter eggs and bunnies isn’t the easiest thing in the world when we have late summer heat – thank goodness things look like they’re cooling down just in time this year!).  Easter is also the one time of year when we are all willing to pay a little more for a special chocolate that we know is going to make everyone happy. Craft chocolate makers make great chocolate all year round but Easter trade helps them stay in business.   

Please consider ordering this egg directly from Birdsnake Chocolate if they have it available.   That said, we were drooling over the Birdsnake Chocolate Easter creations in 2022 and the 2023 eggs are just as spectacular. We couldn’t resist getting some up to Sydney for our network of craft chocolate lovers.  We only have 12 so get in quick if you’d like one added to your next order.

Let’s hear from Fred and the team:   We love the giddy expectation of Easter. It’s nostalgic, and comforting and how ’bout eating so much chocolate you’re going to puke…yeah, that last bit can stay firmly in the past. We’re saying quality over quantity this year, and every year. Although, our Peruvian cacao (from the Kemito Ene Association) has a fruity element to it, as a 70% dark chocolate, the contrast of sweet and pillowy marshmallow is both  joyful and textural.  We’ve added honey to the ‘egg white’ marshmallow and a subtly tart passion fruit for ‘egg yolk’ marshmallow. It’s more dessert than easter egg.”

Not vegan, contains gelatine & honey.  Best Before of ~ end of April 2023.

Ingredients: Cacao beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, honey marshmallow (sugar, gelatine, honey), passion fruit marshmallow (sugar, gelatine, passion fruit essence).

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Weight40 g
Percentage cacao



Beans (origin)



Beans (variety)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Wait, that was suppose to be "Is it a snake?" .  We're delighted to share BirdSnake chocolate with you. We're not sure whether this is a bird vs snake battle or a terrifying hybrid creature... but it doesn't matter - holding this bar will set off your imagination. Opening it will reveal a bar that makes you feel like a superhero!They're one of the the most recent chocolate brands to launch in Australia - Chocolate maker / designer / manager and distributor, Freddie used to travel the world sourcing coffee beans where he was introduced to cacao and making chocolate.  With a strong connection to the farmers and an understanding of their wages and problems BirdSnake is keen to promote high transparency with regards to who get's paid what and how.They're still refining their processes but it's a great concept and we look forward to seeing this brand develop over the years. See more