Chocolate tasting session

A unique opportunity to taste some of Australia and the world’s best craft chocolates.

Like a wine tasting, you will sample a range of bean-to-bar chocolates, while learning about and experiencing the different flavours that develop based on where the cocoa is grown (terroir), and how the chocolate is made. You’ll learn as you taste, so that by the end of the session you’ll know what to look for when buying chocolate. (Caution: supermarket chocolate will never taste the same again!)

“The chocolate tasting was very informative and educational. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, time … and for being so easy to talk to and knowledgeable about chocolate.” (Emanuel, Perth)

Tasting includes: palate cleansing cacao drink; generous tastings of 7 to 10 craft chocolates; tasting resources about chocolate flavours and aromas; personalised tasting sheets to record your tasting notes. We can tailor the event if you have any special requests.

Price on request (aprox $40 per tasting + $20 for each attendee).
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90 minute private craft chocolate tasting session, including a cacao drink per person, an introduction to craft chocolate and a guided tasting of a range of chocolates from both our shop and our personal collection of the world’s finest bean to bar chocolates.

The tasting event will be held at a mutually convenient time and place (in Sydney) to be confirmed prior to booking.

Terms and Conditions

Payment due at least 7 days before the tasting event. You can cancel up to 48 hours before the tasting event and we will give a full refund, less any fees or costs we have incurred. Please advise of any allergies, food intolerance’s or other preferences at the time of booking.

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