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The cacao in this bar comes the village of Chililique in a Northern Peru. In the remote mountain valley the farmers there are processing their cacao to a high standard and working in partnership with a company called CacaoTales who helps distribute the beans around the world. This is a 100% organic chocolate bar it is very creamy but not overly sweet. This is one of Chocolate Tree’s best selling chocolate bars.

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This is Scottish craft chocolate made using premium heritage cacao from Colombia. Satisfyingly chocolatey with fruity notes of dark cherry and blackcurrants, this is particularly good with a vintage red wine or port. Alastair and Friederike opened their chocolaterie in 2009, in a much loved boutique shopping district of Edinburgh in Scotland. They are Edinburgh’s only bean to bar chocolate maker, working in small batches with natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients.They want customers to realise that by purchasing their chocolate they are ensuring the cocoa farmer and his or her family will receive a better profit, and the heritage cacao varieties they love so much will be around for future generations to enjoy. Their travel blog gives an insight to their worldwide search for the best cocoa, including visits to Madagascar, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru! See more