Dandelion – Maya Mountain


Cocoa beans from Maya Mountain Cocoa are typically small, but they contain so many flavour possibilities. In this bar Dandelion have highlighted the flavours of honey, caramel and a hint of strawberry fruitiness.

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Cocoa content: 70%
Origin: Punta Gorda, Belize
Made in: Mission District, San Francisco

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Cameron Ring and Todd Masonis started experimenting with chocolate in a friend’s garage back in 2010. Two years earlier they had sold their successful internet start-up company, Plaxo, and what started as a fun hobby soon became their next passion. While they may be based in San Francisco and have a tech start-up mentality, this is pure chocolate. Dandelion bars are made with beans from one farm or cooperative at a time, and they contain simply cocoa beans and sugar - no extra cocoa butter, lecithin or vanilla are added, so you really taste the unique flavour of each bean. See more