Dandelion – Zorzal Comunitario, DR 70%


“These cocoa beans come from a collection of farms surrounding Reserva Zorzal, a bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic. The sanctuary protects Bicknell’s thrush, an endangered bird that migrates between Vermont and the Dominican Republic each year. The sale of cocoa produced on and around the sanctuary serves to fund the project.

This chocolate, which we share with our Dandelion Japan team, represents a new step in our evolving relationship with Zorzal Cacao, and we’re thrilled as ever to explore the flavour potential of these beans, while supporting the Reserva’s mission. To develop refined flavours suited to the Japanese palate, Trevor roasts this 2021 harvest lightly, bringing out delicate fruit notes.”

Ingredients: Cacao, sugar

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Cameron Ring and Todd Masonis started experimenting with chocolate in a friend’s garage back in 2010. Two years earlier they had sold their successful internet start-up company, Plaxo, and what started as a fun hobby soon became their next passion.While they may be based in San Francisco and have a tech start-up mentality, this is pure chocolate. Dandelion bars are made with beans from one farm or cooperative at a time, and they contain simply cocoa beans and sugar - no extra cocoa butter, lecithin or vanilla are added, so you really taste the unique flavour of each bean. You can learn more about the Dandelion chocolate making process here.Dandelion Chocolate is also one of the few "craft chocolate" companies to have factories in multiple countries. We're super lucky that we've been able to visit both tour their original factory and their new one in Japan. It's hard to pick which was more fun - in San Francisco we got to tour the factory & play with their marga (also know as doing a cut test - it was harder to push through 100 beans than we realised!) - in Tokyo we had to queue up to get inside but everyone was in perfect pairs and it definitely added to the excitement. We can't wait to visit their new factory at Valencia St, San Francisco when we're next allowed to travel. See more

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