Original Beans – Edel Weiss


Although a white chocolate, this bar is not too sweet. It is creamy, milky with soft honey flavours. Most white chocolate has vanilla and additives, but this contains neither of those, giving it a pure taste of cocoa butter and milk.

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Cocoa content: 40%
Origin: Dominican Republic
Beans: Trinitario
Made in: The Netherlands

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Since 2008, Original Beans has combined its dual passion for chocolate making and conservation. They have a ‘Bean Team’ who travel to the most remote rain-forests in the world to pursue rare cacao beans.Original Beans are committed to making chocolate that replenishes the bio-diverse forests where cacao grows. By examining the energy efficiency of their production, and using green logistics and bio-compostable packaging, they have become CO2-positive. Their motto is ‘making the world better through chocolate’. See more