Gaston Chocolat – Rum Drummed Raisins


The warmth of amber sultanas aged in rum blends into the strength of a nutty and bourbon notes 70% dark chocolate made with Forastero cacao from Epi and South Malekula Islands. It feels like a ray of sun in your day.

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Weight68 g
Percentage cacao



Beans (origin)

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Raisin, Rum

Established in 2017 head chocolate maker Olivier Fernandez started Gaston Chocolat in partnership with Australian David Cram. In their small factory on the main street of Port-Vila they have a gorgeous shop where you can taste their bars and see how the chocolate is made.When they’re not making chocolate you’ll find Olivier riding his motorbike around the islands to meet with cacao farmers working to ensure great beans are available to make great chocolate. Meanwhile David is working on agriculture and community development projects throughout the Pacific. See more