Georgia Ramon – Haiti 80%


The Dufort family started a cocoa cooperative in 2014. The network now has over 1500 organic farmers, all with holdings smaller than 1 hectare. The resulting cocoa has nutty and floral flavours.

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Cacao Content: 80%
Origin: Haiti
Beans: Trinitario & Criollo
Made in: Bonn, Germany

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Georg Bernadini and Ramona Gustmann founded Georgia Ramon in spring 2015 as a chocolate factory, shop and cafe in the Oberkassel district of Bonn. Georg has been a confectioner and chocolate maker for over 20 years, while Ramona is a trained salesperson with experience in the fashion and food industry.With a focus on high quality and handmade, as far as possible they use organic ingredients, and all their chocolates are vegan, gluten free and made without artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. See more