Good Boy – White Pistacchio and Fennel Seed


It’s Pistacchio White Chocolate! In collaboration with Cannoleria by That’s Amore we created a new chocolate bar and it’s delicious. Compared to regular white chocolate we put less sugar and season it to perfection with Maldon salt. The ground fennel seeds provide refreshments after each bite. It screams Sicily all the way around, don’t miss it. Contains Dairy.

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Weight75 g
Percentage cacao



Beans (origin)

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Fennel, Pistacchio

Alessandro Luppolo is a pastry chef who has worked on 4 continents.  He's worked with chocolate for many years but always as something "ready to use" when he started learning about where chocolate came from and how it was made he couldn't help but try making some himself.  That's when the love of chocolate takes hold.  Alessandro is passionate about make every bar make a difference and making every small batch of chocolate supremely special. Bringing to the table some unique perspectives from the kitchen, his interesting flavours are exciting,  All the bars are wrapped in locally made dodgy paper which are hand made by the Pulp Professor who's motto is “every sheet has a story”. It's perfect because every chocolate bar tells a story too - what's in your hand? See more