Hogarth – Manuka Honey & Cacao Nibs


We’re developing an interest in Honey and chocolate. We’ve recently tried some bars made with honey instead of sugar and it results in a really delicious treat! This bar is the best of both worlds. a 66% dark chocolate made with Piura Blanco cacao from Peru. There is some sugar but also 5% Manuka honey from a company called “You’re a Honey”! Manuka honey is popular in New Zealand so it makes a sense that we see it in some NZ chocolate – We still learning about it but apparently this honey has an 83% pollen count which makes it strong!  Karl has created the perfect balance by including come pure Peru cacao nibs on the back to give you a delightful textural experience. WOW!

AWARDS: International Chocolate Awards, 2018 Gold Asia-Pacific, 2018 Silver World; NZ Chocolate Awards, Gold 2018

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Weight 70 g
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Honey, Nibs

Karl and Marina Hogarth make their bars in a small factory in Nelson, New Zealand. They use minimal ingredients aiming to truly feature the amazing flavours found in high quality cacao beans sourced from small sustainable farms. The small batches are made using traditional methods and they wrap everything by hand. Hogarth Craft Chocolates are truly some of worlds prettiest. This is another bar that could easily be wall art. The mould tells the story of Karl’s sailing past as well as the journey that their cacao takes to get to New Zealand. [gallery link="none" size="medium" ids="661,660,659,658,657,656"] See more