Kimmy’s Chocolate – Dark 85%


At 85% this is always going to be an intense cocoa flavour. But Kimmy’s have paired this with vanilla extract, in the European tradition, which adds sweetness to the bar without sugar. Not for the faint of heart!

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Cacao content: 85%
Inclusion: Vanilla
Origin: Tien Giang, Vietnam
Made in: Tien Giang, Vietnam

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Bui Durassamy left Vietnam in 1976 for Canada, where he worked as a janitor, dish washer, pizza delivery guy and eventually saved enough to open his own metal work business in Vancouver. Forty-something years later, when he retired to his homeland of Vietnam, he found he couldn’t ignore the difficulties faced by the local farmers, and wanted to use his business skills to help.He started Kimmy’s Chocolates as a way to provide farmers with a steady demand for their crops. Although they are committed to using local people and products, they are also proud to make chocolate in the European style. See more