Krak Chocolade – Madagascar, Mava Sa Ferme D’ottange


Many chocolate makers consider Madagascar cocoa to be one of the best cocoa beans in the world. The cocoa beans that Krak Chocolate uses are slightly different from those of other chocolate makers. They come from the Ottange Farm, located on the Ramena River, in northwestern Madagascar in the Sambirano Valley. The Ottange Farm is part of the Mava plantations and is the smallest of the eight plantations. In 2017, the Ottange Farm won the International Cocoa awards. In 2019 it was included in the Cocoa of Excellence top 50 cacaos. About 6 tons of cocoa beans are grown on the Ottange farm every year. Most of this is used by the owner, the Ramanandraibe family, to make chocolate themselves. A small portion is sold, Krak Chocolate is lucky enough to be able to make their bars with this special cacao.

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Mark Schimmel is an experienced pastry chef who fell in love with chocolate. Working in in three-start Michelin kitchens, he was introduced to the flavours that can be found in fine cacao. He founded Krak Chocolade and aims to stay as close as possible to the taste profile of the origin and accentuate what makes the each bean unique.Amsterdam port is the world's biggest cacao operation. The "commodity crop" flows through the port but the warehouses and traders also attract many speciality cacao shipments. Every chocolate maker in the world dream of having that many different cacao varieties just down the road and Mark takes full advantage. He focuses on making chocolate for Europe's top restaurants but we're delighted he also makes bars to share with everyone else. See more