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Described as the “the bolder, older sibling” to the Latitude Semuliki bar. This bar the namesake of the mountains that look over the cacao plantations. This now famous cacao was included in the top 50 samples in the 2019 Cocoa Of Excellence Awards (and are a hot favourite to feature in the Dec 2021 list). From the base of the Rwenzori, the Semuliki Forest cacao is collected by Latitude from between 1000-1500 small farmers as wet beans and fermented and dried by them centrally. Look for notes of bright fresh fruits and enjoy this bar knowing you are supporting a transparent and socially responsible supply chain.

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Ethical chocolate from the heart of Africa. Formed in in 2016, Latitude Chocolate Company is on a mission to create a chocolate industry in Uganda. In the shadow of the Rwenzori mountains, Latitude Trade Co started a centralised fermentary and drying operation to increase the value chain for local farmers. They are now working with 1500 local plantations who have been vetted for safe and ethical and organic practices - running a quality post-harvest production they are able to sell the dried beans for a premium and feed that money back to the farmers through pricing way above the market rates.A certified B Corporation you can enjoy their chocolate bars knowing that every part of the process is ethical and sustainable. The shipment from Uganda was hands down the most expensive parcel we've ever had delivered (per kilogram) but it was worth it - we're delighted to be able to support this fabulous enterprise. We hope you enjoy all these amazing bars.Read more about their amazing cacao and a fabulous adventure on the Uncommon Cacao website. See more