Letterpress – Costa Esmeraldas


Despite being a darker colour than most 70% chocolates, this bar has a mild, nutty flavour with floral notes. The cacao beans are grown on the Salazar family’s single estate farm, using land that has been reclaimed from cattle pastures.

This bar appeared in the June 2022 subscription box – our first guest curated box, with bars selected by our customer and friend Jessica Tivendale.

“I had always thought chocolate come in rectangle rows. Then entered LetterPress and wow! Please pause a moment and admire what can only be described as a stunning and detailed mould. Does it remind you of a stamp to send a letter or a postcard to share a story or your travels. I hope you travel with the flavours that David brings out in the cacao he crafted his chocolate with such as this single estate, Costa Esmeraldas Ecuador cacao, from the Salazar family owned and managed farm business. Striking in colour and taste with mild, yet prominent nutty, caramel popcorn, butterscotch fudge and golden shortbread.” Jessica Tivendale.

AWARDS: Academy of Chocolate Awards: 2021 GOLD, 2020 GOLD, 2019 Silver, 2018 Silver, 2017 Silver; Good Food Awards 2017

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David Menkes loves chocolate, but didn’t love how most chocolate tastes artificial and all the same. So in 2014 he founded LetterPress Chocolate as a small batch bean to bar chocolate company featuring single origin cacao from around the world.He travels to meet cacao farmers in Peru, Guatemala, Belize, the Dominican Republic and beyond to source cacao beans that are truly exceptional in both flavour and part of a truly ethical supply chain. See more