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The Valley of Rivers (known locally as VRAE) in southern Peruvian jungle at the crossroads of the Junin, Ayacucho and Cuzco join. In this isolated rural area, local cocoa farmers with government support and beautiful terroir has resulted in aromatic cacao . Look for floral, prune, violet notes. Johnty describes the flavours as cherimoya & mandarin. What do you find?

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Johnty Tatham started Lucid Chocolatier in December 2020 at the age of 23! Moving from creative arts into food science he discovered the magic of chocolate as a material in which he can express artistic messages. After researching for a year he found himself back on the family farm pre-COVID and invested in some chocolate making equipment. The name "Lucid" comes from a French word which means "to give up and dedicate yourself to something". He is aiming to create ultra specialised and micro batch chocolates at the highest end of the craft chocolate market using fine Peruvian organic cacao. He's also committed to leaving a small little environmental footprint as possible, the interior wrap is compostable and the box is recyclable (spot UV logos + foil stamping with plant-based inks). All production waste is composted for use on the Lucid orchard.Listen to this fabulous interview with Johnty and family on the NZ radio. See more