Luisa Abram – Dark milk chocolate


This 52% dark milk chocolate is the perfect bar for milk chocolate fans to discover wild Amazonian cacao. It is a creamy bar milk bar but the cocoa collected from along the Tocantins River has some amazing acidity. These flavours are enhanced by the creaminess. What can you taste?

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Luisa Abram was started as a family company in 2014. The company has four partners - Luisa, who looks after tempering, moulding & wrapping of the bars, her father Andre, who does the roasting and grinding of the bars, his wife Miriam who looks after finance & logistics, while Andrea (Luisa’s older sister) who helps with legal advice.They specialise in using cocoa that is collected wild from the Amazon Rain-forest, recognising that paying a fair price for cocoa incentivises preservation of the rain-forest. See more