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An extra special chocolate bars from Dylan and the legendary Manoa team. The first bar they’ve ever released from their cacao plantation. We are counting the days until we can visit ourselves, until then travel with us virtually and let them tell you about bar.

“Our first chocolate bar grown and made by us! Waimanalo is a small town on the Windward side of O’ahu Island, just 15 minutes from our Kailua based factory. It is home to our very own cacao farm, a one acre parcel with about 130 cacao trees. Seven years ago we established this modest orchard as the first Mānoa Chocolate cacao growing endeavor. For years the yields from this orchard have been minimal. In order to perform a proper ferment, an adequate amount of wet cacao seed is needed. Until 2021, Waimanalo had never produced enough cacao to meet this quantity standard. Now that the trees in this plot have reached maturity, we finally have enough. Even with fantastic seasons, we barely cross the threshold to bring this bar into existence. Compared to other single origin bars, this is the smallest batch of chocolate we make all year. While the scarcity of this chocolate (and Hawaiian chocolate in general) is real, we are actively working on improving the scale of Hawaiian grown cacao.”



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Manoa Chocolate Hawaii craft high quality chocolate using sustainable techniques. As well as sourcing quality beans from around the world, they also use cacao grown in Hawaii. Hawaii is the only US state to grow cacao, and the deep flavours reflect the special characteristics of the geography and climate in which it is grown.Manoa improve the profit potential of local farmers and provide opportunities for employment in the local community. They have created some amazing machines from recycled items – they roast using a custom bbq and remove the cacao shells with pedal power and a vacuum. See more