Meiji THE – Sunny Milk


Each milk chocolate in the Meiji range balances the sugar & milk powder with the flavour and roast of the beans. ‘Brilliant milk’ has floral notes that match with less milk, while ‘Velvet milk’ uses the dark roast of Venzuela beans to offset higher milk percentage.

Note: This bar has a best before date of Nov-2018. It may lose it’s temper but will still taste great!

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Cocoa content: 54%
Origin: Blend (Brazil, Dominican Republic)
Made in: Osaka, Japan
Awards: 2018 Northwest Chocolate Festival, Best Chocolate Bar Packaging

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Meiji THE chocolate want to make a uniquely Japanese chocolate to surprise the world. The cocoa bean is central to their philosophy, from sourcing the best beans to putting the bean on their packaging. Staff from Meiji personally visit the cocoa plantations overseas to inspect the plans, meet the farmers and taste test the beans. With constant communication, they are able to have the beans grown according to Meiji’s instructions. See more