Monsieur Truffe – Vegan White Chocolate

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This vegan milk chocolate is made using dark Ecuadorian cocoa beans, complemented with creamy and rich coconut milk. The use of coconut sugar gives a subtle sweetness, making this a milk chocolate for everyone.

There is debate in the craft chocolate world weather white chocolate should be considered “bean to bar” – cocoa butter is usually purchased by chocolate makers and used to smooth the mouth feel of the chocolate. Regardless, in the case of this bar, the term “craft cholate” well and truly applies.

This vegan white chocolate is made with coconut milk powder, cacao butter, coconut sugar, a little raw sugar, a pinch of salt and vanilla powder. Crafted in a way that would make you second guess if there really was milk powder included! Eat your (healthy vegan) heart out!

This bar is past it’s best before date (31MAR2022) – it will still be great to enjoy but could start to loose it’s temper.

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Starting as a one man chocolate stall in Prahan market in 2006, Monsieur Truffe has now grown to be a bean-to-bar chocolate empire in a large factory and retail space in Brunswick (they share it with the cafe East Elevation). They don’t just make chocolate bars, but also drinking chocolate and gianduja (a cocoa & hazelnut mix).They love sharing their artisinal approach with the community, and pride themselves on their collaboration with local artists and businesses. For example, they often incorporate local, custom artwork in their packaging. See more