OCHO – PNG 66%


This chocolate has only two ingredients – cacao and sugar. The slightly lower than usual percentage of caaco gives it a sweeter finish, but the flavours of red berry and hints of spicy cinnamon still shine through.

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Cocoa content: 66%
Origin: Papua New Guinea
Made in: Dunedin, New Zealand

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Liz Rowe is an artist and former journalist who became intrigued by chocolate during a 6-month stay in Latin America. She saw where chocolate comes from, how it is made, and also the historical importance of it to the Mayan and Aztec cultures.She decided to try her had at it, and after learning and experimenting, OCHO was born. They use no automated machines, so the chocolate making process is very hands on. OCHO sources all their cacao beans from the Pacific Islands, where they work with farmers who grow cacao on family farms. See more