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We’re big fans of the Cacao from Latitude trade company in the Semuliki Forest in Uganda.  Our subscribers will recall we shared bars from their local chocolate production business back in 2021. Since then, there has been much wider use of the cacao around the world – now we’re very excited that there is an Australian option for those of us addicted to these beautiful flavours.  Alice and Dan have delivered.

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Weight85 g
Percentage cacao



Beans (origin)

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Alice and Dan were introduced to the world of craft chocolate whilst working in the coffee industry. When the lockdowns of 2019 hit, they started experimenting with making their own chocolate in their free time. They quickly discovered how enjoyable it was and realized that they could make a positive impact on the world through their craft. Their home in Silver St, St Peters, being the birthplace of their chocolate was a fitting name for brand.
We all know craft chocolate tastes amazing. Apart from that and the art of making chocolate. What makes many devote time and money towards supporting this cause is the meaningful difference that quality farmer<>chocolate maker relationships make.  Fair pricing which supports farmers to improve their lives and local community + make even better cacao is one key aspect of this relationship.  Transparency is one way of making sure everyone is on the same page and mission together.Silver street chocolate is making transparency a core mission of their business. Taking the lead from cacao facilitators, Uncommon Cacao, Sliver Street intend to extend the transparency report to their chocolate-making process. To start with, you can find the prices they've paid for their cacaos.Their flare in design is clear. From the symbolic transparent outer packaging enclosing the bright colours of their chocolate bars. The custom mould is clean and artistic.  We're sure they're going to win many awards over the years (for both their chocolate and design). Check out one of the coolest chocolate maker websites we've ever seen! See more