Sirene – Fleur de Sel


Chocolate and salt are a perfect, and popular, combination. This delicious chocolate mixes smooth dark chocolate from Ecuador with crunchy salt pieces made from pure seawater from Canada’s wild west coast.

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Cocoa content: 73%
Origin: Ecuador
Beans: Camino Verde
Made in: Victoria, Canada

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Taylor Kennedy founded Sirene Chocolate after seeing the rich agricultural heritage of many remote parts of the world as a National Geographic photographer and writer for nearly 20 years. A lifelong globetrotter, he now calls Victoria, Canada home. A someone who has always loved knowing how things work, Taylor oversees all aspects of production, from choosing the beans to wrapping the bars, and enjoys knowing that he can feel good about each step. One of the features of many Sirene chocolates is that they come as duo bars. They take beans from two regions and make the same chocolate with them. THis is the perfect way to taste the influence of the beans and terroir on the flavour of chocolate. Sirene chocolate has been labelled “close to perfection” by Georgt Bernardini, author of “Chocolate: The Reference Standard”. See more