Solkiki – Salazar’s Costa Esmeraldas 70%


This bar appeared in the June 2022 subscription box – our first guest curated box, with bars selected by our customer and friend Jessica Tivendale.

“I love experimenting with different tastes, textures, and flavour. Solkiki are a very special bean to bar company for me; they were the first company I discovered that experimented with different milks, cacao butter percentages and inclusions I’d never heard of. Yet all their chocolate was so flavour-full! Did you know that a cacao bean is generally 50% cacao solids and 50% cacao butter? Did you also know that makers often add extra cacao butter to provide a creamier texture/mouth feel to their chocolate? Well, they do but they never mention how much! Bob and Iris wanted to be clearer in how they crafted chocolate, so they labelled their bars differently like this 70+0 bar, where the 70 denotes the cacao solids and the +0 denotes the added cacao butter. No cacao butter? Yep! And this bar is bold, slow melting, definitely 2-ingredient – 70% cacao solids and 30% sugar – and tastes like blackberries and spiced biscuits. Dangerously delicious!” Jessica Tivendale

AWARDS: 2019 – Cacao of Excellence. Great Taste 2020, 2020 Taste of the West SILVER; 2020 – International Chocolate Awards – Europe, Silver “Microbatch”

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Iris and Bob started Solkiki in 2008, when they couldn’t find a good dairy free and vegan white chocolate. They are committed to creating chocolates that allow quality, taste, health, sustainability and compassion to co-exist.The aim of this vegan family business is to make great chocolate in a way that leaves the world in a better place. They choose organic beans, their premises are powered by renewable energy, and they pay well over market price for their cacao. See more