Soma – Creole Gardens – Haiti Milk

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The Haiti, PISA collaboration connects 1,489 organic, small-hold farmers. Training in sustainable farming and post harvesting has resulted in cacao the farmers are proud of. Their motto is “made with love and pride”. Among Haitian farmers, “Creole gardens” refers to small-dense forest areas. Look for flavours of: caramel, malt and jasmine!

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David and Cynthia started their small, funky chocolate factory in a former whisky distillery in 2003. After making their first batch they knew they were onto something special. They now have a small team, 2 stores and a network of wholesale partners. Their chocolate curiosity means they also have an extensive range of truffles, ice creams, cookies, cakes and hot chocolates made with their chocolate.You have a unique opportunity to taste this chocolate with the chocolate maker! Listen to Episode 1 of the Slow Melt podcast Makers Series to learn more about David, Cynthia & their chocolate, and do a guided tasting with them! See more

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