South Pacific Cacao – Temotu 75%


This dark chocolate bars made from cacao beans from the region of Temotu province in the Solomon Islands. The remote Santa Cruz island is actually closer to Vanuatu than most of the Solomons. The beans, once fermented and dried, travel by boat to the main port in Honiara for processing and shipping to Australia. Jessica roasts and grinds them in the Haberfield factory. We were there when she was roasting a new batch and the place smelt amazing, we had to try them!

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This social enterprise is a perfect combination of passions from two sides of chocolate world. Jessica Piedmont has been working with chocolate for nearly 20 years (aka the Chocolate Artisan) combined with Brian Atkin who imports cacao beans from the Solomon Islands (Makira Gold). They have met in the middle making chocolate with Solomon Islands Cacao. For both of them this project is a passion project, driving a sustainable and valuable economy to the people of the Solomon's. We love the custom designed mould and can't wait to visit the newly opened store as soon as we're all allowed out of the house. See more