To’ak – 18 Minis – Harvest & Aged


This special box contains a collection of 3 x 6 different tasters of the To’ak Harvest and Aged collections: El Nino Harvest 2016 (78%), Rain Harvest 2017 (76%), Rain Harvest 2018 (74%), Islany Cask Aged 4 years (73%), Kampost Pepper Aged 5 years (80.5%), Palo Santo Aged 5 years (80.5%).

We’ve been big fans of To’ak chocolate ever since we first tasted it (and had been dreaming of that moment ever since we first discovered craft chocolate)!  We have been able to get our hands on some of these special sold out treats to share with Australia.

“With mini bars from three different aged editions as well as three different harvest years. Combine a vertical chocolate tasting with a journey through our distinct aging styles, from stunningly aromatic Ecuadorian wood to specialty casks from across the world.”

See more info and photos on the To’ak website product page here.

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The story of To'ak is much like many other chocolate makers. However their quest for forest preservation resulted in them uncovering some of the few surviving ancient Nacional trees deep in the Ecuadorian jungle.From non-certified organic farms in the Piedra de Plata area, the cacao has been certified "Heirloom Cacao".  "We personally know each of the farmers and their farms and conduct several monitoring visits per year to ensure no synthetic or chemical inputs are used." They have built a partnership with local farmers revive this treasure and pay them more than almost anywhere else in the world.As well as the famous, reserve bars, known as "most expensive chocolate in the world", To'ak now also produce seasonal bars and have experimented, aging their their exquisite chocolate in treasured barrels from some of the world great beverages. We are delighted to share these unforgettable cacao experiences with you. See more