Bean Bar You is a subscription service for small batch bean to bar chocolate. We source the best bean to bar chocolate from around the world, pick the one’s we think you will like the best, and send them to you every month.

Alison has always loved chocolate, but recently discovered the bean to bar chocolate movement. After hearing Alison go on (and on!) about it, Chris tried some and is now hooked too!

We co-founded Bean Bar You to share our excitement and passion for bean to bar chocolate with Australia. We aim to leverage our analytic backgrounds to create the most personalised chocolate subscription service in the world!

Each month you’ll receive 4 full-size bars of bean to bar chocolate from around the world (at least one of which will be made in Australia). Based on which box you subscribe to, these will be: dark chocolate, milk chocolate or a mixture of both. Depending on your survey responses they may or may not include flavours, nuts, fruits etc.

The exact bar sizes vary as every chocolate maker creates their own unique product, but these are full sized bars, not samples, and are usually 80-100g per bar. You will also get information about each of the chocolates in your box and the story behind the people who made them. We will also send you a (very short) survey about the chocolates you received – by filling this in you’ll make sure that the chocolates you get next month will be even more tailored to your preferences.

Each month we will email you a (very) short survey about the chocolates in your box. Filling this in will help us tailor future chocolates to your preferences.

For example, you might like strong bitter chocolate but especially if it’s from Ecuador. You might love creamy milk chocolate, but only if it’s not too sweet. Over time we will get to know what kind of chocolate you love, and send you more like that.

We also send summaries of the survey results to the producers so that they can make their chocolate even more delicious. We will never give your name, contact details or individual survey responses to anyone, and any information we give producers will be anonymous.

We send out our subscription boxes on the first Monday of each month. The $10 postage & handling fee covers Express Post delivery, to ensure your chocolates arrive quickly and in great condition. During hotter months we include insulation and sometimes even ice packs.

We are really committed to minimising waste and the impact of our product on the environment. To this end, we aim to ensure all of our packaging is recyclable. Our cardboard boxes are made from recycled cardboard and are fully recyclable. We buy them from an Australian packaging company to minimise air-miles they travel to get to us. The paper wrapping and sticker inside are both also recyclable, and the Australia Post satchel can be returned to the post office for recycling.

For some boxes we also include insulation and padding. This is made from wool or cotton and can actually be composted. We collect this material from the fresh food deliveries of ourselves and our friends and recycle it into our customers boxes. When we need to use coldpacks they are packs that can be reused up to 50 times. We’re currently looking at ways to re-use some of our packaging (eg allowing customers to return their cardboard boxes and insulation for re-use). If you have any other ideas for how we could minimise our impact on the environment, please get in touch!

Sure thing! We have a huge selection of chocolate bars and are ready to create a parcel to fit whatever your requirements. Just get in contact and we’ll get it happening for you.

Australia has some of the hottest weather on earth. Chocolate doesn’t like hot weather but we work hard to protect your order so we’ll send it with custom insulation and ice packs if the weather man suggests it’s necessary. We guarantee our chocolate deliveries so we’ll make sure you get it in great condition – sometimes this means we have to hold it for a few days to dodge the heat waves but we’ll keep you posted.

During summer we send our chocolates with ice and insulation. While this has been very successful, it also very expensive and time consuming. Additionally, many people pause their subscriptions after Christmas and New Year – they are either on holidays or recovering from the overindulgence!

For these reasons, in 2019 Bean Bar You will trial not sending out subscriber boxes in January & February. You will receive your October, November and December boxes in 2018 as usual (sent on the first Monday of the month) and then have a break until the first week of March. We will pause your payments between the 20th of November, and restart them the 20th of February 2019.

If you really can’t bear to think about facing January and February without your subscription box please let us know and we’ll organise something special for you.


Still have a question? Contact us now and we’ll get back to you.