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Last updated 25/03/2024

When we launched Australia’s first craft chocolate subscription box back in 2016 there were only 12 companies that made their own chocolate. Sometimes called “Bean To Bar” chocolate – making your own chocolate from raw cacao beans (i.e. being a “chocolate maker”) is a very different challenge to being a “chocolatier” (someone who makes something beautiful with chocolate that’s already been made). This is real Australian Chocolate!

While we love showcasing amazing chocolates made globally from the bean to the bar, our core mission is to support and promote our local, bean-to-bar Australian chocolate makers. We are delighted to be part of the vibrant, friendly and exciting craft chocolate scene in Australia. The 12 has now grown to 35 – It does make it hard for us to include everyone in our monthly subscription boxes but we are working on ways to better support these fabulous businesses.

Current Australian Chocolate makers

Here is the list of all the Australian chocolate makers – Please go and visit your local factory, we guarantee it will smell amazing! We’re also pretty sure you will leave feeling in love with chocolate and the world.

Alouss ChocolateSydney,
Atypic ChocolateMelbourne,
The Australian Chocolate FarmShannonvale,
Bahen & CoMargaret River,
Cabosse & Feve Chocolates***Castlemaine,
Cailo ChocolatePerth,
Charley’s Chocolate FactoryMission Beach,
Chocolate DRCoffs Harbour,
Chocolate by Peter M (previously Cravve)Burleigh Heads,
Chocolate PhilippeSydney,
Cuvée ChocolateCarrum Downs,
Elements Chocolate Co.Perth,
Federation Chocolate***Taranna,
Gabriel ChocolateYallingup,
Good Boy ChocolatesMelbourne,
Haigh’s Chocolates*Adelaide,
Hark ChocolateAdelaide,
Hunted & GatheredMelbourne,
Jasper & MyrtleCanberra,
KKao (previously 17 Rocks)Brisbane,
Kiama Chocolate FactoryKiama,
Living KokoMelbourne,
Loving Earth**Melbourne,
Monsieur Truffe***Melbourne,
Origin ChocolateOrange,
Pain et Chocolat***Trentham,
Ratio Cocoa RoastersMelbourne,
Silver Street ChocolateSydney,
South Pacific CacaoHaberfield,
Spencer CocoaMudgee,
Two Lost PilotsPerth,
Wembley’s Chocolate MakersSydney,
Wood fire chocolate makerMandurah,
ZokokoEmu Plains,
* Haigh’s make chocolate from the bean on an industrial approach & scale. 
** Loving Earth make chocolate from unroasted cacao beans (they have a strict bean sanitation protocol).
*** These companies also use coverture chocolate (please support their chocolate making and ask for their “bean-to-bar” range). 

So no matter where you are in Australia, chances are there is a bean-to-bar chocolate producer nearby who would love your support! Visit their websites, pop into their shops and cafes, or say hi on social media – they are all really interesting people and we’re sure they’d love to hear from you.

It’s wonderful that more keep popping up every day. If you know of an Australian bean-to-bar producer that isn’t in the list please get in touch and we’ll add them!

Chocolate makers that you can visit

There aren’t many things more fun than visiting a chocolate factory. Here is our map of all the Australian chocolate makers you can visit, Go see it happening, learn all about how chocolate is made + try their freshest creations!

Closed Australian chocolate companies

Making your own chocolate from cacao beans is hard and expensive.  There are many reasons why businesses close. The biggest challenge a chocolate maker has is constantly to explain why chocolate shouldn’t cost $2 for 100g. Please visit and support your local maker to help keep this list as short as possible. 

Closed CompaniesLocationWebsite
Abobo Kitchen (Closed)Sunbury,
Bird Snake (Closed 2023)Melbourne,
Bright Chocolate (Closed)Bright,
Chokamour (Closed)Melbourne,
Cicada Artisan Chocolate (Closed)Sydney,
Curio (Closed)Bellingen,
Dark & Handsome Chocolatier (On hold)Melbourne,
Just*** (Closed 2024)Lawson,
Koko & Stone (Delayed launch due to 2022 floods)Mullumbimby,
Mama Dulce***Melbourne,
Matale Chocolate (Closed)Melbourne,
Maius Chocolate (Closed)Adelaide,
Nick’s Chocolate (Closed)Brisbane,
Pure Mill Chocolate (Closed)Sunshine Coast,
Smooth ChocolatorGeelong,
Wild Craft Tasmania (Closed)Nubeena,

Why care if someone makes their own chocolate?

Chocolate making is very similar to roasting coffee. Beans are sourced (the better the beans the better the product) then experimented with (roasted, ground, mixed) then finally formed into a creation that requires skill to perfect and make consistently great. On top of that, the artistry required to make chocolate is much like that required to make a great craft beer (there’s science, but also creativity, to make something of beauty – there’s often a sense of personality that manages to flow throughout the brand and work its way into the flavour).

Contrast this with people who “hand-make” chocolate bars by melting chocolate made by one of the 5 “big chocolate” companies that make the vast majority of the world’s chocolate. They are (nearly) always made with “commodity cacao” and the main flavour driver is how much sugar/milk/other ingredients are added i.e. sweet vs bitter or what flavour is added to make it different. Chocolate makers (i.e. people who roast and grind their own beans) work with the flavours that exist within the cacao and play with the roasting profile and grinding parameters to highlight the flavours they want in their bar.

Is Australian chocolate any good?

We are delighted to tell you that Australia makes some really amazing chocolate. There are a few Australian chocolate makers who are famous overseas and relatively unknown in Australia! Australians have won a multitude of chocolate awards on the world stage (mainly the Academy of Chocolate Awards London or the International Chocolate Awards) e.g. Jasper & Myrtle who have over 13 international awards, Zokoko with 8 international awards including “Best Dark Chocolate Bar at the 2014 International Chocolate Salon” and Metiisto with 5 since opening in 2018 including the 2019 “International Rising Star Trophy”.

If that’s not enough look up the #SmoothChocolator and you’ll discover posts from all over the world. Some chocolate makers just aren’t into awards so don’t rule out trying a bar that hasn’t won an award – there are some truly amazing chocolates that have never been submitted to these kinds of competitions. Our advice is to try as many bars as you can and find your favourites!

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