Yarra River Melbourne

5 hours in Melbourne

Here is our 5 hour walking tour of the Chocolate Makers of Melbourne. These the only people who make their own chocolate who have factories you can visit and enjoy. Come on a journey and learn how chocolate is made.

Easter 2019

The chocolate makers of Australia have stepped up again! Some of the Easter 2019 creations have been the best we’ve seen. The Bean Bar You owners choice awards go to …

Valentines day 2019

With the heatwaves fading and 2019 starting to get rolling along we’re excited to bump into Valentines day again. Always a great time to indulge in some chocolate for a …

Whiskey and Chocolate?

The following is a guest post (our first one!) written by Australian Cacao researcher and enthusiast Grant Vinning. Please enjoy and email him to sign up to his regular newsletters …