Bean Bar You - Dark Subscription box - September 2020

2020 09 – Spring

We’re so excited about our September subscription boxes – To celebrate Spring we’re sharing a selection of bars from: Akesson’s, Foundry Chocolate, Shirl+Moss & Geelong’s own Smooth Chocolator!

Bean Bar You - Milk Subscription box - August 2020

2020 08 – Yum yum yum!

The August Bean Bar You collection this year is a special celebration for the new member to join the team. Australian chocolate fanatics are enjoying amazing bars from Friis-Holm (Denmark), …

2019 10 – Choctober

We celebrated Choctober this year with 4 fabulous chocolate makers: Two superb chocolate makers from the UK – Solkiki and Bare Bones; Shirl + Moss, the new kid on the …