Crow & Moss


One day, driving home from work, owner Mike Davies was overcome by the desire to learn how to make craft chocolate. It was a sudden and all encompassing feeling, a life changing moment — and one he knew he couldn’t ignore. Over the next few months, he put together his initial set up (a small coffee roaster, a Champion juicer for cracking and pre-refining, a Diamond melanger, a small tempering machine and a neon pink hair dryer for winnowing that he stole from his wife) and got to work. It was a rabbit hole he never crawled back out of (his wife has since had to get a new hair dryer).

Crow & Moss come to us from high on the great lakes in Michigan. It is cold in winter and paradise in summer and you can tell Mike puts the full power of all seasons into the chocolate he makes. The artwork on the packaging elegant, bright and modern the bars are moulded in both plain shape (the chocolate does the singing) and his rock-like beauty. We knew this was going to be great from our first meeting with Mike and we’re sure you’ll agree once you’ve tasted it.
Another spectacular business to start in a basement!