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Bean Bar You is Australia’s first independent chocolate subscription service. We source the world’s best chocolates (handmade from bean to bar), pick the ones you'll love, and deliver them to your door.

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Subscription options

We have 4 subscription boxes available. Each month you will receive 4 full-size bean-to-bar chocolates:

  • Dark only
  • Mixed – dark and milk (on average you get 2 bars of each)
  • Maximum milk (we’ll aim to get you 4 bars of milk chocolate every month).
  • Vegan (no milk, no honey)

All our boxes include one chocolate from an Australian producer. Each chocolate bar is usually 80-100g, although the total size will vary month to month. These are full sized bars, not samples. After each box we’ll ask for your rating of each bar so we can get to know your preferences and send you personalised chocolate.

No sign up fee. Subscriptions can be put ‘on hold’ or cancelled at any time. All items shipped express post ($10). Click your preferred box to find out more.

Chocolate producers

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