Amedei – Toscana Porcelana


Porcelana is a type of Criollo cocoa, considered the world’s most uncommon genetic variation. It derives its name from the distinctly light color of its seeds and is famous globally for its chocolate, characterized by its sweet and smooth taste. This exquisite cocoa is grown in the southwestern area of Lake Maracaibo, located in the Zulia region of Venezuela, and is used to produce a very refined, fragrant, and well-balanced chocolate.

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Nestled around quiet vinyards ouside a small town in the hills of Tuscany, Cecilia Tessieri has been making Amedei chocolate since 1998. She has won numerous awards including the prestigious “Golden Bean” from the Chocolate Academy of London.Amedei are committed to making chocolate that is as natural as possible. They are certified Kosher, gluten free and use only pure cocoa butter without soy lecithin, colouring agents or artificial flavours. See more