Baiani – Trinity mild roast


Designed to satisfy people who prefer softer flavours. The light roast brings the values ​​of the cocoa blend of the Potumujú Valley to the chocolate, stimulating the palate with light notes of red fruits and caramel.

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Baianí chocolate bars are made with cocoa bean from Vale Potumuju plantation in Arataca, Bahia, Brazil. Bianai owners, Juliana and Tuta, are descendants of cacao farmers. They were both in the music industry, Tuta a producer, Juliana a professional singer. They returned to their origins and starting to make chocolate. The Vale Potumuji plantation they now own and make chocolate from has grown cacao since around 1900. Agroforestry is a key to the sustainability of the plantation, multiple crops are grown in and around cacao to facilitate a fertile and robust farming. See more