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The Birdsnake team have had their creative juices flowing again and created a second “vegan milk” bar to satisfy the vegan lovers of creamy chocolate.  This one uses organic oats as the magic ingredient and you’re going to love it. Look for notes of dried banana and cherry.

“Who would think that the creaminess of ‘milk chocolate’ can be achieved without the cream. You better believe it.  Made with 50% Peruvian cacao, the addition of organic oats ground into a fine powder lightens the chocolate, and creates a smooth mouthfeel. Dreamy creamy chocolate is achieved in this bar without the addition of a glass and a half (of milk). After we roast, winnow, and pre-refine the cocoa, we ground the oats in to a powder, then the ball mill does the heavy lifting of breaking down the cacao further and working in the oat powder. Conching and the tricky business of tempering follows. The result – creamy, vegan goodness in smashable proportions.”

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic oats, cocoa butter.

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Wait, that was suppose to be "Is it a snake?" .  We're delighted to share BirdSnake chocolate with you. We're not sure whether this is a bird vs snake battle or a terrifying hybrid creature... but it doesn't matter - holding this bar will set off your imagination. Opening it will reveal a bar that makes you feel like a superhero!They're one of the the most recent chocolate brands to launch in Australia - Chocolate maker / designer / manager and distributor, Freddie used to travel the world sourcing coffee beans where he was introduced to cacao and making chocolate.  With a strong connection to the farmers and an understanding of their wages and problems BirdSnake is keen to promote high transparency with regards to who get's paid what and how.They're still refining their processes but it's a great concept and we look forward to seeing this brand develop over the years. See more