Blanxart – Congo 42%


“It is perceived as fruity and stands out with notes of citrus and red fruits, which are combined with floral aromas such as honey and light nuances of nuts, almonds and hazelnuts.” It is rare to find fully organic milk chocolates. We paired this milk chocolate in our mixed subscription with a dark chocolate made with the same cacao.

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Weight30 g
Percentage cacao



Beans (origin)

Produced in

In April 1954, Francesc Agrás started making chocolate in a small workshop in the neighbourhood of Les Corts in Barcelona. The master chocolatier took inspiration from the best patisseries and confectioneries around Europe and opened his now renowned chocolate factory.His dream was, and still is, to bring the best organic cocoa from Ghana, Congo and Guayaquil to Spain and turning it into the best chocolate. See more